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2991 Randolph Ave

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Tel: (714) 557-1691

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LOCATION: Almost missed it! The driveway is really tiny but once you make it to the back parking, you're good. The ambiance inside is fantastic. Antler chandeliers, great alternative music and miniature ships fill the room, making you feel like the only thing you need is a glass of wine.

RANDOM AWESOME: THEY ACTUALLY HAVE WINE! Coffee, red wine, white wine (they may have more options but I immediately stopped the receptionist at "red wine") is available to you while you wait for your appointment! Amazing.

Review by Shirley T.

CATCH LINE: This isn't a 5 star review for JUST Gods & Heros. This is also a 5 star review for Sarah, my adorable short and short haired stylist that I met today as a first-time customer of Gods & Heros.
SERVICE: Dear lord, it's been nearly two years since my last hair cut, and Hail Mary - I mean - Sarah - for saving me! I've been to one too many stylists who have just wronged my hair. I was super skeptical about going back to another random salon but daaayuuuummmm. Not only was she fabulous with my anti-volume hair but she's an amazing conversationalist that made me feel like my crappy week didn't even happen at all. Btw Sarah if you're reading this, I'm coming back, girl!
She did a fantastic job and recommending the right products that gave my hair such marvelous boost. Ladies and gentleman, I actually look like a well groomed woman after this visit.